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    1. Refund will not be entertained on any order for any reason whatsoever once the order has been moved to the “processing” status, which means the order has been assigned to an Astrologer. It is totally at the risk and risk of the User to place an order in haste / carelessly and once the Website is inside the processing stage of the Order, there will be no refund.


    2. There will be no refund allowed as soon as an Order has been placed and completed. However, if the User has made a successful order and wishes to cancel this order before it is executed, the User is specifically compelled to inform the Website customer care services within not more than 1 (one) hour of making a payment, it is further made clear that whether or not a refund will be issued is entirely at the discretion of the Website.


    3. Any technical glitch faced by the Client on the Website during the processing of the request through which the Astrologer generates reports shall not be entitled to any refund. The User acknowledges that the timeline given is just an estimate, and all measures possible will be taken to plan and perform all the tasks as per the displayed timelines.


    4. You can never claim a refund on the basis that You have been provided with the wrong information or data. The User hereby acknowledges that she or he shall be cautious while giving any information to the Website and such information must be cross-checked before pressing the button “Submit”. Disputed entries – The User shall be allowed to erase, correct, or amend the incorrect information or data entered, provided that such a request is made within 1 (one hour) of the rendering of service by the service provider to customer care.


    5. It means that any damaged parcel returned for any reason at all shall not be eligible for any refund. The User also specifically and unconditionally agrees that by placing an order made for any product displayed on the Website mentioned above, the Registered User shall be solely responsible for paying for any damage caused to the delivered product. In cases where the User has placed an order and selected the “Cash on Delivery” options of payment, the said User shall be required to make payment of the displayed price for the product as well as the shipping/custom/courier charges if the product is returned.


    6. Where activation of subscription service takes place beyond the agreed time, pro-rated refunds may be issued depending on the agreement between the Website, Subscription Agencies, and the customer. For any damages caused to the product during transit, the Website and its agencies will address the issues. For clarity on refund, in case of a failed verification, money will be returned within 10 business days upon confirmation.


    7. You acknowledge that the image displayed for the products being offered for purchase by the User is only for illustration purposes and the Website will endeavor to deliver the item in the exact condition in which it is depicted on the Website. The User is allowed his/her discretion in such a situation and no amount will be refunded based on that.


    8. The services provided and the products sold are not to be a substitute for any philosophical, emotional, and/or medical therapy. The Website will not anymore bear any responsibility or liability regarding the authenticity and truthfulness of the various astrological impacts that are depicted and offered in the form of gems sold at the Website. Every placing of an order for purchasing such products or availing services is solely at the instance and desire of the User and the Website bears no responsibility whatsoever for the products being sold. In such a case, the User is advised to use his/her best discretion and will be under no circumstances be eligible for a refund for such a closure.


    9. The client shall not be entitled to any refund in the event the wrong phone contact is provided to use the “Call with Astrologer” option. The user who once chose this feature must ensure the Contact Number is Always on the network coverage list and must always answer when the call bell rings. It means consumers will not be getting a refund for any call that is connected.


    10. Any refund, if permissible, shall be made after adjusting the actual bank/transaction charges imposed by the Bank and/or payment gateway, the cost of the actual shipping and/or courier (In case of sale of a product listed on the Website), customs duties if applicable and any other charges that the Website might have incurred in processing and/or delivering the service as the case may be.


    11. In case the Website or Payment gateway’s webpage, which is linked to the Website, is experiencing any server-related issues like ‘slow down’ or ‘failure’ or ‘session timeout’, the User shall, before begin the second payment, check whether his/her Bank Account has been debited or not and accordingly choose to one of the following options:

    a). If you notice that the Bank Account has been debited, then, do not make the payment twice instead, you should contact the Website through the customer care team to check on the payment that was made.

    b). If the Bank Account is not debited, then the User must make another transaction for payment to be made.


    12. However, a refund for multiple payments, if any, even after the above precaution against the same order has to be refunded in full and the transaction charges mentioned above have to be deducted from the amount to be refunded. It states that on the Website of the Company, only the charge for a single order to be placed by the User shall be kept.


    13. In the situation that there are orders that the Website cannot accept and must cancel, the Website at its sole discretion has the authority to cancel any order placed on the Website for any reason that may be deemed appropriate by the Website. Certain circumstances that may lead to a cancellation of the order include but are not limited to the following:

    a). Nonavailability of the service

    b). Inaccuracies on the website

    c). Errors on the prices displayed or any other issues arising from the identified ones.

    d). However, in case the User’s order gets cancelled, and payment has already been made on the said service, the said amount charged for the booking will be refunded.


    14. Whenever a user asks for a refund then he or she is permitting Dhwani Astro’s quality audit team to look at the chat/call recording from the consultation where the user had requested a refund to determine whether the case qualifies for a refund or not.


    15. Dhwani Astro quality audit team to the best of their abilities and in partial/full capacity put back the Consultant amount to the users in the Dhwani Astro wallet in case the consultant did not match the quality parameters. Refunds can take up to 72 hours for analysis or to credit the amount back to the Dhwani Astro wallet.


    Note: Any refunds will be made to the user’s Dhwani Astro wallet balance and recorded under the transaction’s subtab.


    16. Refunds will only be considered in the following cases:

    a). The problem selected is the problem inside a particular network that is causing interruptions in the chat/call in between or in normal video/normal call sessions the signal is weak, consultant(s) could not be heard due to background noise, etc.

    b). The consultant cannot answer the other party in the language mentioned in his/her profile.

    c). It takes the consultant extensively inordinate time to respond to the user.

    d). The consultant has responded in an irrelevant or improper reply to the question posed to the user.


    Please Note: It is important to note that no refund will be allowed if there is a failure in the level of accuracy during the consultation. As stated earlier, no matter the kind of consultation given, Dhawni Astro is not liable for the factual content of any of the consultations.


    17. Dhwani Astro’s products are physically delivery in India and outside of the India.